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Geographical Grouping

South West

Bristol Castle Federation

Dorset Federation

The South East and London

Berkshire Federation

Chiltern & Castle Federation

Croydon Federation

East Hampshire Federation

Isle of Wight Federation

North Middlesex Federation

Oxfordshire Federation

South Middlesex Federation

Sussex Federation

West Kent Federation

East Anglia

East Anglia Federation

South East Essex Federation

South Essex Federation

West Midlands

Shropshire & Mid Wales Federation

South Staffordshire Federation

West Midlands Federation

East Midlands

Chesterfield & District Federation

Northamptonshire Federation

Yorkshire and the Humber

Leeds Federation

Rotherham & District Federation

North West

Wirral Federation

North East

Darlington & District Federation

North Durham Federation

Sunderland & District Federation

The Nations

North Wales Federation

Northern Ireland Federation

Scottish Federation

South West Wales Federation