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COP 26 in Glasgow may be behind us, but the climate crisis is far from over – and so, too, is TG’s In Our Hands campaign.

We are committed to promoting this important cause, to putting pressure on those with the power to make bigger changes to do so while sharing ways in which every individual can play a part in slowing climate change.

The Climate Action TIG continues to meet on the first Tuesday of every month – see the Townswomen’s i-Guild section in the Members’ Area to find out more, and to book your place to join like-minded members who want to make a difference.

We will continue to accept online pledges for those who wish to commit to making positive changes – click the box below to add your pledge if you have not done so already and invite friends and family to do the same.

As referred to in the 01 2022 issue of Townswoman, we are suggesting that members reach out to their local and parish councils, to ask them to commit to a Climate Action Plan. You may also wish to approach your local MP for their support in seeing change happen. Printed instructions for the wreath are below, along with leaf templates which you are welcome to use.

Wreath Instructions Template: veined leaves Template: unveined leaves

We have also produced a booklet for you to print off which details TG’s In Our Hands campaign – this can be sent out or handed over as part of the above call to action or can sit alongside other promotional material at your next recruitment event to give potential members a taste of what TG campaigns can look like.

In Our Hands booklet

Please continue to support us in these and any further calls to action we issue going forward – only with sustained effort and pressure to see change happen can we hope to slow global warming.