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A page for members poems, stories and other forms of written art.

In September 2018, members of Hamworthy Morning Guild took a holiday to Herefordshire.  Great fun was had by all so member, Vivian Woodward, wrote a poem about it.

Poem by Vivian Woodward of Hamworthy (M) Guild.pdf

Jean McLucas, member of Merley Evening and members have been active regarding the set of '29 - '19 challenges. Jean has written and recited a short poem:

Poem by Jean McLucas Merley Eve.pdf

Gwenda Lowry from Hereford Tupsley Guild wrote a poem for their recent AGM - “Year in the Life of a Townswomen’s Guild”.

AGM Poem by Gwenda Lowry.pdf

Poem by Irene Sargeant from Handsworth Evening Guild.

Poem by Irene Sargeant Handsworth Eve.pdf

Poem by Sheila Bow from Earlsfield Evening Guild as part of the '29 - '19 challenge.

Poem by Sheila Bow Earlsfield Eve.pdf

Poem by Janet Shelley from North Chingford Afternoon Guild.

Poem by Janet Shelley North Chingford Afternoon.pdf

Poem by National Vice Chairman, Beryl Hales, who organised a visit for Arnold Guild (who she belongs to) and Middleton Guild to Nottingham Council House where the Nottingham City Council meets. Beryl took their photos by one of the lions outside of the building. It was taken by the right lion as no-one was standing near to him. He is the less popular lion so Beryl wrote a little poem about him.

Poem by Beryl Hales National Vice Chairman.pdf

Poem by Lynn Ceney from Sedgley Evening Guild, inspired by singing as a member of SETG Choir.

Poem by Lynn Ceney Sedgley Eve.pdf   

Poem by Hildred Priestley, ex Chairman of Swadlincote Guild.
Poem by Hildred Priestley Swadlincote Guild.pdf

Poem by Beverley Oliver of Hazel Grove Guild. "A Message of Hope from the Suffragist of Yesteryear."

Poem by Beverley Oliver Hazel Grove Guild.pdf

Poem by Avril Hopkins of Poole Canford Heath Afternoon. "Monthly Calendar."

Poem by Avril Hopkins Poole Canford Heath Afternoon.pdf

Poem by Caversham Afternoon Guild.

Poem by Caversham afternoon.pdf

Poem by Sheila Milstead of Burnham Afternoon Guild.

Poem by Sheila Milstead Burnham Afternoon.pdf

Poem by Pauline Halliwell of Northampton Boothville Afternoon titled 'May 8th'.

Poem by Pauline Halliwell Northampton Boothville Afternoon.pdf

Poem by Barbara Robinson of Tottington Guild, titled 'In the Year 2020'.

Poem by Barbara Robinson of Tottington Guild.pdf

Poem by Dorothea Collins of Otley Guild.

Poem By Dorothea Collins of Otley Guild.pdf

Two poems written in lockdown by Margaret Wallis of South Ruislip Fairway Morning Guild.

Poem By Margaret Wallis of South Ruislip Fairway Morning - Lockdown 2020.pdf

Poem By Margaret Wallis of South Ruislip Fairway Morning - Lockdown 2020 part 2.pdf

Poem by Elaine Self of Brighton and Saltdean Guild about their members.

Poem by Elaine Self of Brighton and Saltdean Guild.pdf

Poem by Jacqueline Wiltshire of Bransgore Guild - Midsummer NIght's Dream

Poem by Jacqueline Wiltshire Bransgore Guild.pdf