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Beryl Hales, National Chair

I feel very fortunate to be following in a long line of TG National Chairs who have helped to guide TG since 1929. There has been a huge amount of change during that time and each Chair has taken the challenges that this has presented them with to keep TG fresh and relevant.

We are all, including the Trustees, members of TG in Guilds, TIGs, TAGs or as Associate Members. it is our TG to develop and we encourage everyone to play their part in this. The Trustees provide the scaffolding to build on and members can tell us what they think is going well and what we could improve upon, where we would ask them to give us ideas of what we could do instead.

We say that TG proudly builds on its Suffragist roots and, from having had contact with many members, I feel that TG women share their forebears’ characteristics as they are caring, sharing, supportive, committed, campaigning and importantly want to have fun, make friends and find things out. They are all making a difference to other women’s lives, including their own.

Each TG member has a different variety of skills which they have gained through life, social and work experiences and we are very keen for them to use these in helping TG in their groups, Guilds, Federations and as Trustees. We ask them to take step forward and not be shy about saying what they can offer to help to grow TG.

Working together we look forward to making the changes needed and adapting TG to be ready to celebrate our centenary in 2029.