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The Great Big Green Week 24 September- 2 October 2022

Join in with this special event and play your part in helping to protect the planet.

 The Great Big Green Week – the UK’s biggest celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature – runs from 24 September to 2 October. So we are calling on members to organise an event and be part of it., helping save the planet and promoting TG at the same time.

There is lots of information and advice – including an organiser's guide, an A -Z of event ideas, customisable publicity materials and so on at www.greatbiggreenweek.com. So why not organise something for your Guild or Federation and invite non-members along too?
 Check out our ideas sheet to help you and your guild get started.  Click here for a coloured sheet and here for Black and white
We have created two quizzes for you to download and use: an Environment Quiz (with answer sheet) and a Picture Quiz (with answer sheet)
 A community craft day, litter pick, nature trail or other event such a a swish or clothes swap (check out page 28 of your July Townswomen magazine to find out more} will further our In Our Hands campaign and let everyone know the Townswomen are doing their bit for the environment.

Join in with this special event and play your part