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The Federation was formed in March 1955 with 14 Guilds formally belonging to the Thames Estuary and Thamesmouth Groups. We now have 17 Guilds and have just opened a second Guild in Prittlewell, Southend on Sea and a new Guild in Shoebury, Southend on Sea

The South East Essex Federation Council Committee meets bi-monthly to plan future events to which our main Executive Committee members are invited. The Federation Committee provide our delegates again on a bi-monthly basis with updates on finance, future plans, forthcoming events, tickets etc. etc. The Guild Delegates also provide reports on their own Guild activities and news. Our Speakers List is distributed out to our Guilds. At each Federation Committee Meeting we provide a pack which usually contains a News Sheet, an update on forthcoming events and any general information the Guilds will find useful. Following the meeting members quite often have lunch together to forge better contacts within Guilds in the South East Essex Federation?

The South East Essex Federation AGM is held in May and we invite our Liaison Officer, Jenny Thorne, to attend.

Next year we will also be hosting an International Women's Day on the 8th March 2017, and one of our speakers will be Ann Widdicombe. 

South East Essex Federation currently has 18 Guilds:

BILLERICAY PILGRIMS 'A' - Second Wednesday of the month @ 13.30
Canon Roche Hall, Laindon Road, Billericay, Essex CM12 9LL
Chairman: Mrs Ann Manning, Telephone No. 01277 415583
Membership Secretary: Mrs Shirley Russell, Telephone No. 01277 622486

CANVEY ISLAND 'A' - Second Tuesday of month @ 13.30
St Nicholas Church Family Centre, 208 Long Road, Canvey Island, SS8 OJR
Secretary:   Mrs Mary Hodges, Telephone No. 01268 759879

EASTWOOD COCKETHURST 'E' - First Tuesday of the month @ 19.45 (Evening Guild)
Eastwood Community Centre, Western Approaches, Southend, Essex SS2 6XY
Chairman:   Mrs Vivian Gunn, Telephone No. 01702 520831
Secretary:   Mrs Sue Page, Telephone No. 01702 524972

FAIRWAYS GUILD 'A' - First Wednesday of month @ 14.00
St Aidan's Church,  The Fairway, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 4QW
Chairman:   Mrs Judith Hansford, Telephone No. 01702 473333
Secretary:   Mrs Susan Hulks, Telephone No. 01702 527511
Secretary:   Mrs Jan Lowton, Telephone No. 01702 477118

HADLEIGH CASTLE 'A' - First Monday of each month @ 13.30
Hadleigh Old Fire Station, High Street, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2PA
Chairman:   Mrs Val Ott, Telephone No. 01268 752826
Secretary:   Mrs Mary Hodges, Telephone No. 01268 759879

HOCKLEY VILLAGE 'A' - Third Tuesday of month at 14.00
Hockley Parish Hall, Old Fire Station, Hockley, Essex SS5

LAINDON WESTLEY HEIGHTS 'E' - Fourth Tuesday of the month at 19.45
Laindon Community Centre, Aston Road69, Laindon, Essex SS15 6NX
Chairman:   Mrs Maggie McCarthy, Telephone No. 01268 414374
Secretary:   Mrs Gwen Stockwell, Telephone No. 01268 542692

LEIGH ON SEA 'E' - Third Wednesday of month at 19.30
West Leigh Baptist Church, 1150 London Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 2AJ
Chairman: Mrs Maggie Gentry, Telephone No. 07920 202581
Secretary: Mrs Susan Wallace, Telephone No. 07398 773844

PRITTLEWELL 'A' - First Tuesday of the month @ 14.15
St Peters Church Hall, Eastbourne Grove, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 OQF

PRITTLEWELL VICTORIA 'M' - Second Friday of the month at 10.00
Royal Naval Association, Prittlewell, Southend on Sea

RAYLEIGH CASTLE 'M' - 4th Wednesay of the month @ 10.00
Methodist Church, Rayleigh, Essex
Chairman:   Mrs Lynda Young, Telephone No. 01621 862515
Secretary:   Mrs Nina Barrett,   Telephone No. 01702 554488

STANFORD-LE-HOPE & CORRINGHAM 'A' - 2nd Wednesday of month @ 14.30
Corringham Village Hall, Springhouse Road, Corringham, Essex SS17 7QS
Chairman: Mrs Jennifer White, Telephone No. 01375 676009
Secretary: Mrs Pat Spencer,     Telephone No. 01375 672778

THORPE BAY 'A' - FirstThursday of month @14.15
St Augustine's Hall, Johnstone Road, Thorpe Bay, Essex SS1 3HZ

VANGE VILLAGE 'M' - First Thursday of month @ 10.00
Trinity Methodist Hall, Clayhill Road, Basildon, Essex SS16 4NN

WESTCLIFF ALEXANDER 'A' - 2ND Monday of month at 14.00
Westcliff Free Church, 635 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 9PD

WESTCLIFF CROWSTONE 'E' - 2nd Tuesday of month at 19.30
Westcliff Free Church, 635 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 9PE

WICKFORD 'A' - Second Wednesday of the month @ 13.30
Christ Church Hall, Town Centre, Wickford, Essex SS12
Chairman:  Mrs Janet Thorogood, Telephone No. 01268

Contact Details

South East Essex Federation of Townwomen's Guild:

Chairman:   Mrs Lynda Young, Telephone No.  01621 862515
Secretary:   Mrs Valerie Snell,  Telephone No.  01268 733966

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