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The 2022 Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham from 28th July. For the first time, a women’s cricket tournament will take place. This is supported by the International Cricket Council (ICC) as part of their commitment to support the growth of the women’s game and getting more girls and women watching, playing and enjoying cricket. This follows a list of ‘firsts’ for women in sport. For example, pole vaulting has only been a full medal event for women at the Olympic Games since 2000.

Why don’t you hold your own version of the games? It could be a social event where you invite families and friends to take part and you can involve them in helping with the planning of the event. We were going to suggest this for the Olympics last year, but felt that it could have proved a problem for Guilds to organise, which hopefully won’t happen again this year.
We have some ideas of events you could try, thanks to Indira Smith. Indira is the 11-year-old daughter of Nancy, who works in the TG office. Indira came in to the office with her Mum at times last year where she met our National Chair, Penny, who set her a challenge and here is what Indira has to say about it.

The Silly Olympics Project

'My name is Indira Jasmine Smith and in lockdown things were pretty boring and some found it hard to stay active and have some fun. Penny Ryan (National Chair) asked me to create a silly Olympics that was suitable for people to have fun with and stay active during lockdown. From basketball to swimming, I created a silly Olympics that I hope people would enjoy and have a laugh with! At first, I thought this task would be challenging, however, when you think of random items around your home, your imagination takes over and can recreate anything, in this case, the Olympics. This project was a lot of fun and reduced a lot of boredom during lockdown which inspired me to create pieces of writing, art, dance and much more that I would’ve thought about before.

Thank you and kind wishes to everyone at TG’.

Please click the link below for Indira's ideas:

The Silly Olympics.docx