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No-Carve Pumpkin!

Difficulty: 2 stars difficulty rating
You will need: Large piece of card/paper
A pen
A decent sized pumpkin
Black acrylic paint and brush/thick permanent black marker Don't fancy the mess and hassle of carving a pumpkin this Halloween? Try this - no carving involved!

Carving a pumpkin can sometimes be more hassle than it's worth. This is a great way of creating a good looking pumpkin for Halloween with no knife or mess involved! Just follow these steps:

1. Choose a good sized pumpkin and clean it of any dust/dirt.
2. Draw a template onto white paper or card of a Halloween themed image and cut the image itself (inside the outline) out of the paper/card.
3. Place the template against the pumpkin, positioning it where you want the image to appear. You can temporarily stick the paper/card down onto the pumpkin with sellotape if you like, to keep it in place.
4. Fill in the empty space on the pumpkin - your chosen Halloween shape, with black paint or a thick permanent black marker.
5. Allow to dry for around one hour and then remove the surrounding template, leaving your halloween image painted as a silhouette on the pumpkin.
6. Place it in your window, on your fireplace, outside the door etc. - wherever you please! You can even dress it up a bit further like the finished one in this picture - a raven image in a bell jar, sitting on moss.

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