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Animal Magic

Difficulty: 2 stars difficulty rating
You will need:

  • DK yarn

  • 3.75mm needles

  • Craft/fabric markers for features (or you could embroider these if you prefer)

  • Small wiggly eyes

  • Craft glue

Looking for a great Easter knitting idea? Angela Roberts of Preston Federation recommends these cute animal egg covers, perfect for popping over mini Easter eggs. Ladybirds, bees and mice can all be made from this pattern.

Instructions for basic egg shape

Cast on 5sts

Row 1. Knit twice into each stitch (10 sts)

Row 2. Knit twice into each stitch (20 sts)

Row 3. K3, P14, K3

Row 4. Purl

Repeat rows 3 & 4 (5 Times) **

Work 8 rows in stocking stitch. (1 row K. 1 row P)

Next row k2tog (10 Times). (10 sts)

Next row. K2tog (5 Times) (5 sts)

Cast off. Sew edges together to **


Cast on in red and follow pattern to **. Change to black and complete the basic pattern above.

Stitch black line down centre of wings and add black spots and eyes.


Worked in 1 colour. Follow basic pattern to**. Next row K8, K2 tog (2 Times) K8

(Next and each alternate row, Purl to end)

Next row K7 K2tog (2 Times) K7. Continue decreasing as before until 12 sts remain ending with a Purl row

Next row K 2tog (6 Times) (6 sts)

Next row Purl to end. Next row K2 tog (3 Times) (3 sts)

Break off yarn and thread through remaining 3 stitches. Sew edges together to **

Ears are made from felt circles (Use 5p as template). Add nose and eye details


Knitted by knitting stripes on the main body of the egg. Wings are made from wired ribbon.

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