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What it is to be a TG Guild Member?

- To be involved and to belong, not just to their local Guild but to TG the national organisation, overall
- Involvement in local, national and international issues
- Awareness of relevant issues - voting/importance of politics, (state) pensions, care homes
- A voice
- To socialise/friendship
- To be wanted, to feel that your opinion is important/valued
- Somewhere to discuss issues
- A listening ear
- Like minded women
- Sharing ideas

Membership Benefits

Enjoy a wide range of activities provided which may* include:

- Excursions
- Meals out
- Crafts
- Walking
- Quizzes
- Theatre/cinema visits
- Swimming
- Reading groups
- Choirs
- Gardening
- Drama
- Photography

(* an individual Guild is free to choose whatever activities it wishes)

It is also possible to bring your own particular interest to share.

All Guilds are affiliated to the National Organisation and this exciting package also offers you on a National level:

- ‘Townswoman’ magazine with a wide variety of interesting and informative articles — four issues per year
- Access to campaigns through the Quarterly Topics in the Townswoman magazine
- Opportunities to speak out as part of an influential forward thinking organisation
- Insurance cover for Members which includes Members travelling to/from meetings, organised outings and events
- Entitlement to enter all National Sports and Creative Leisure Competitions e.g. Scrabble, Crown Green Bowls, Skittles, General Knowledge and Make and Take Days
- Entitlement to attend all National Events e.g. Carol Services, Annual General Meetings, Educational Conferences, Luncheons, the TG International Women's Day event  and RoadShows
- Interactive web site with exclusive Members Area

If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of the Townswomen's Guilds or to request a free copy of the Townswoman magazine, please feel free to contact us - by Telephone: 0121 326 0400 or Email us by emailing contact@the-tg.com

Find Your Local Guild

We have guilds located across the whole of the UK. To find your local Guild, click here to use our search facility. The Guild Map states when and where each Guild meets and you can join there or use the contact details provided by them to ask questions before joining.