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Day 6 - Fortress town of Fredericia

After our guest bloggers over the last two days it is time for TG Ted to have a rest and back to me, Penny.

Today we were in Fredericia. I won’t be offended if you don’t know where that is, I didn’t either. It was also Fred Olsen’s first visit to the port, and the town welcomed the ship with open arms. (It actually lies in Jutland.) The town band welcomed us at the port side (and later played us off). Various officials greeted us as we came assure and local people set up stalls to attract our custom. There was even a small blue tractor train to take passengers from the port to the town centre. For a new location we had a wide range of trips to choose from ranging from tours of Fredericia, to a trip to Hans Christian Anderson’s birthplace at Odense and the one I opted for Royal Jelling.

Jelling is Royal because of its link to the first known Viking King, Gorm the old and his son Harrald Bluetooth, who brought Christianity to Denmark. It is a world heritage UNESCO site, which is still being investigated. At its heart are two burial mounds, and some large stones bearing messages that changed the way. To find out more you will have to visit yourself.

This evening has been British night, with passengers dressed in red, white and blue, traditional British dishes for dinner and an evening of Brit pop and a taste of the proms.

Our weather has been great since Monday morning’s rain, until now. After spending an hour or more on the top deck this afternoon, absorbing the sun, I was shocked to hear, that a bad weather forecast was changing our next destination. We were scheduled to go to Arendal in Norway for our last port. (Arendal was the inspiration behind the film Frozen), Instead we were to stay in Denmark and visit Aarhus tomorrow. The change is disappointing but I’d rather not face stormy seas.

Until tomorrow……

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