Peggy & Me

From the bestselling author of Is It Just Me?, Miranda Hart, comes the hilarious account of her life with her close companion Peggy, a gorgeous white bichon frise.

*Reviewed by Rose Deeprose of Daventry Abbey Guild*

Miranda Hart, best known for her own TV sitcom, Miranda, and her role in Call the Midwife, tells the story of her life since getting her puppy, Peggy, who has been lovingly by her side though some life-changing moments.

Miranda Hart fans will like this book; Miranda Hart fans who are dog owners will love it. It will help a lot if you have watched Miranda on TV, as I found myself reading with her voice in my head. In spite of her 'jolly hockey sticks' approach, Miranda comes across with a certain vulnerability, reflected in her devotion to Peggy - having a friend who is always there, non-judgemental, but accepts her for herself (which we guess hasn't often been the case).

Peggy's imaginary conversations with Miranda are a nice touch as they show what most dog owners will recognise: that Peggy is more than just a pet, she's a friend - a friend who may not be perfect, but is perfect for Miranda, who is someone that feels she doesn't quite fit in in a lot of situations, revealed in the way she constantly puts herself down.

There are definitely laugh out loud moments, but the warmth of Peggy and Miranda's relationship is the abiding feeling that comes through.

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