Get Me The Urgent Biscuits

Reviewed by Kay Magrath of Daventry Abbey (E) Guild

At first glance, one expects a story about the experiences of a young girl's introduction to the London theatre world with great names involved, but this book really shows the girl becoming an indispensable part of the production team and an independent woman. However, it is full of witty anecdotes about the awfulness of the irascible woman - and renowned theatre producer - Thelma Holt, who is her boss. The gems are the actors and theatre people she meets - Peter Hall, Vanessa Redgrave, Dustin Hoffman - and the temperaments she manages with such good grace. She also captures the many difficulties in organising mundane but necessary arrangements with diverse nationalities, Russian/ Japanese visiting with touring companies and working from the National Theatre.
It is a fun read and the anecdotes should bring back memories to those who followed the theatre during the 1970s. A word of warning: the character Sweetpea works for has a colourful vocabulary, so be prepared to suspend judgement until the story unfolds!

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