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Latest Poll

Mandate Topics

This poll is opened 19/11/18 12:00 and closes 19/12/18 12:00.

Welcome to the Mandate topic poll. Please select which one of the three topics below you would most like to see debated at our 2019 AGM

Our previous polls

  • We asked Legal Age For Marriage
  • 1616.67%
  • 16.6666666666667% of the vote
  • 174.17%
  • 4.16666666666667% of the vote
  • 1879.17%
  • 79.1666666666667% of the vote
  • Other0%
  • 0% of the vote
  • This poll was conducted between 22/05/18 12:00 and 31/07/18 12:00
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