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Trustees can be contacted using and putting the relevant Trustee's name in the subject line.

Meet the Board of TG

Jenny Rideout, National Chairman
I’m now in my second year as chairman and it has been a large learning curve. As well as organizing the AGM, carol services and the International Women’s Day luncheon, I have been welcomed to Guilds throughout the UK from Scotland to Cornwall and cannot thanks our members enough for the hospitality given to me. I am still trying to move TG forward in different ways with recruitment being one of our top priorities.

The areas I look after are Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Dorset.

Over this last year I have also worked closely with Penny Ryan to bring the board of Trustees up to date with all that running a charitable organisation entails, in accordance with Charity Commission recommendations. I now have nine fellow Trustees which allows us to spread out the workload more and will hopefully lead to things running even more smoothly from now on.

Penny Ryan, Honorary National Treasurer
As Treasurer I see my role as having responsibility for the stewardship of TG's resources,that is ensuring that they are being used efficiently and effectively. I also believe strongly in transparency and am happy to deal with any queries about finances.

I am the link Trustee for the south east – Kent, Surrey, Sussex (East and West), South London, Hampshire and Bournemouth – and have enjoyed getting to know my members.

I am also enjoying responsibility for the TG website and shop and am happy to hear your ideas and questions about content.

Janice Collins, National Vice Chairman
My role as one of the two Vice Chairmen of our great organisation is to oversee the national campaigns and mandates, the Sports and Creative Leisure activities including Arts and Crafts, national conferences and lunches, and staffing matters. I have served on the Board of Trustees for four years.

My home for the past 10 years, is in the East Midlands, Market Harborough in Leicestershire. I have responsibility for the Federations and Guilds in the South West of the UK, which includes Bath, Bristol Castle, Bristol North West, Plymouth and South Devon Federations and 10 Guilds without a Federation in that area.

Jenny Thorne, National Vice Chairman 
As of this year I have been elected as one of the two National Vice Chairmen, my main responsibilities are for Development and Recruitment.

I have been a member of North Middlesex Federation for 27 years and during this time have served as a committee member of my Guild and Federation and been Chairman on both of these.

The areas I am the HQ contact for are: Federations, Berkshire, Chiltern & Castle, North London, North Middlesex, Hendon & District, South West Herts and South Middlesex. Guilds without Federations: Harrow Kenton Afternoon. Bush Hill Park Evening, Ealing Central Afternoon and Hayes End Afternoon.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that HQ has material that would help you in Recruitment and Development that you can send for and be supplied with free of charge.

There is the One Sock Show that you may borrow to display in a public place in your area. You may want the complete show or part of the show depending on the space to exhibit. This is also free of charge for postage etc.

The National Board tries very hard to promote TG nationwide but it is up to members to try and promote TG in their own area. Why not have a Getting to Know You in your area to which you could invite non-members. This is financed by HQ and I will give help and guidance to arrange one.

We are also still looking for Guild Development Officers to help us set up new Guilds and hopefully attract new members.

Have you had a project in your area that has proved successful in recruitment? If so please let HQ know by email or letter. What has worked for you could be helpful for others.

Connie Nunn, National Trustee
I live in Daventry, Northamptonshire and as Trustee help to look after the Northamptonshire Federation along with Cambridge, Beds & Central Herts, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. I also look after several Guilds without Federations in those areas.

Nationally, I am responsible for organising conferences and do my best to bring something of interest to as many areas as possible. I am always open to ideas so if you would like a conference in your area please get in touch and let me know what sorts of topics would be of interest to your members as well as any ideas for a suitable venue.

Marilyn Lawton, National Trustee
I joined the Board of Trustees in September 2015 after being a Townswoman for more than 35 years. I am Rotherham and District's Federation Treasurer and have also been Guild Secretary and Treasurer over the years.

The Federations that I look after are Airedale & Wharfdale, Calderdale, Leeds, North Manchester, Sheffield Cutler, South Manchester and my own, as well as several Guilds without Federations spread over the north of England.

I oversee Sponsorship and Sport and Creative Leisure, and am looking forward to next year's National Quiz regional heats building towards the Final in May, as well as the Bowls Final in August. I hope that you can join in with both competitions as it's the more the merrier.

Beryl Hales, National Trustee
During my time on the board of Trustees, I have remained involved with the Townswoman magazine and have seen it go from strength to strength. I am also now responsible for overseeing our Arts and Crafts ventures, working alongside Janice Collins. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions about either of these aspects of TG, please do get in touch and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

As the Trustee contact for Chesterfield and District, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, North Staffordshire and nine Guilds without Federations, I hope that I will be able to meet you during the year. Please come and say hello if we are at the same event and please don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need my help with anything.            

Barbara Cobain, National Trustee
I live in the Wirral and have been a TG member for nine years, six of which were spent as secretary of my local Guild in Greasby. I have been a member of the Wirral Federation committee for nearly two years and was asked to start up new Guilds in the area. I began with New Brighton, which is now going strong, and I hope to try to start another one soon.

This year I have become a member of the Board of Trustees and have been given the following areas to look after: Cumbria, Lancashire, North Merseyside, Liverpool and the Wirral. I have been appointed as a regional development officer and have also been given responsibility for overseeing the ABC trophy.           

  Lynda Young, National Trustee
I am one of the new Trustees, although I have been a Townswoman for 38 years during which time I have been both Treasurer and Chairman of my Guild, and Chairman and now Treasurer of my Federation. I have lived in Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex for the last three years, but sadly have no local TG, something I hope to remedy. I have been asked to look after the Essex Federations, South, South West and South East as well as East Anglia, plus the Guilds without Federations in these areas. I will also be looking after the Associate Members. My role on the Board, along with my fellow “newbies” is to help with development, something I am looking forward to as I have helped to open several Guilds in my own Federation.  

  Jane Dayus-Hinch, National Trustee
I joined TG at the tender age of 14, accompanying my Mother and Grandmother who were both very active committee members. I joined Lichfield TG (1985) and was their delegate to the AGM most years. I reformed the ‘City of Lichfield TG' in 2015 after an eight year closure and I am at present the Chairman, and my Mother (90) is President. By profession I am a Wedding and Event Planner, Toastmaster and Funeral Celebrant. I am also an After-Dinner Speaker and very proactive on social media.

My priority as a National Trustee is to promote and publicise TG whenever and wherever I can, and I look forward to visiting my allocated Federations – Birmingham, West Midlands, Shropshire & Mid Wales, South Staffordshire and West Staffordshire – and Guilds without Federations in the very near future.

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