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Chairmans' Message

I’m just finishing my second year as Chairman and looking forward to my last year in office. Thank you all for the invitations I’ve had from around the country - my geography and my knowledge of train timetables have improved immensely! It has been a pleasure to meet so many wonderful members and find out what TG means to you all.

In order to help TG survive another 90 years, we have spent the last year working on our Going Forward plan which will tackle the challenges we face for the future of the organisation. To help us, we have appointed Development Officers around the country who are working hard to open new Guilds and help existing Guilds without Federations to feel more connected. It is still a priority for me to help Federations and the Guilds without Federations feel that they are connected to the national organisation of TG and while this is not something that can happen overnight, I hope we will be achieving our aims before I retire.

I know a lot of you were disappointed to miss out on our International Women’s Day luncheon this year. We are currently looking at venues for next year and will do what we can so that we can accommodate more members – but as with all events, this will be first come, first served so if you do want to attend, please make sure you apply as early as you can to avoid disappointment – as soon as an event is listed with a price in the magazine, you can send in your applications.

I hope you will be joining me in Brighton where I will be letting you know our plans for the future and all the plans we have for our 90th birthday in 2019.

I aim for TG to Go Forward and get our profile out there so that when people hear the name TG, their response will no longer be “I’ve never heard of them”.


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