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Meet the Staff of TG

Meet the team at TG who are always happy to help with your questions and queries on any aspect of TG. 
All staff apart from Kelli and Sara, who work from home, are based at TG's Headquarters at the Gee Business Centre in Birmingham.
TGHQ main telephone number: 0121 326 0400; General e-mail: contact@the-tg.com Office hours 9am to 4.30pm; Office 'days' Monday to Friday.

Sharon Gordon
I answer the telephone and greet clients. I also deal with incoming and outgoing mail, badges, ordering stationery and helping and answering queries for members.
Email: Sharon@the-tg.com
Tel: 0121 326 0400 
Hours 9am to 4.30pm

Jo Egan
Marketing & Promotions Co-Ordinator
I co-ordinate all aspects of Marketing, including recruitment of new members, publicity and promotional material and updating the TG website. I also deal with the administration of some of the smaller events such as the TG Roadshows.
Email: Joanne@the-tg.com
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1978
Hours 9.30am to 4.30pm - except Wednesdays

Rhiannon Batsford
Public Affairs
I am responsible for TG's national campaigns, including preparation for the mandate discussions at the AGM. I am also part of the editorial committee for Townswoman magazine.
Email: Rhiannon@the-tg.com
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1974
Hours Monday 9am till 2pm; Tuesday - Friday 9am to 4.30pm 

Donna Treasure
Finance Administrator
I deal with queries regarding member’s subscriptions, banking, dealing with expenses, credit card transactions, cheque runs, purchase ledger and all financial duties.
Email: Donna@the-tg.com
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1970
Hours 9am to 4.30pm

Helen Collins (currently on maternity leave)
Database Administrator and Sports & Creative Leisure Events Co-Ordinator
I am responsible for maintaining all aspects of the TG Database. I receive and filter all the emails sent to TG Headquarters, process Non-Receipt of Magazines and send Welcome Packs to New Members. I also deal with Organising all the Sports & Creative Leisure Events.
Email: Helen@the-tg.com
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1977

David Brotherton
Office Manager
I have responsibility for the operation of all aspects of the TG Headquarters with particular involvement in the Database.
I also provide assistance on questions about Associate membership; the Charity Commission; Guild and Federation Constitutions; Gift Aid; and Insurance.
Email: David@the-tg.com
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1971
Hours 9am to 4.30pm

Kelli Jones
National Event's Organiser
Organises and manages all of TG’s national events. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the main area of responsibility, together with the National Carol Services, Luncheons and other conferences. TG is committed to creating events that are both insightful, thought-provoking and enjoyable, for members and non-members alike.
Email: Kelli@the-tg.com          
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1975
Hours 8.30am to 4pm

Sara Trayers
National Recruitment Officer 
I have been asked to take a lead role in increasing TG’s membership nationally by opening new, sustainable Guilds, increasing membership of existing Guilds and raising the profile of TG.
Please do extend an invitation to me to visit your Guild or Federation - there is no charge for this as all expenses incurred will be paid for by TGHQ.
Email: Sara@the-tg.com
Direct Dial Tel: 0121 326 1973
Hours 9am to 4.30pm



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