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Townswoman Magazine

Townswoman is the magazine for members of the Townswomen’s Guilds.

Highlights of Issue 02 2020 include:

Walk on the wild side
Meet the women who are harvesting nature's bounty

Join the debate
Start thinking about our two mandate proposals for 2020

A day in the life
Senior Research Midwife Malko Adan tells us about a typical working day

Home from home

Find out about a new travel venture bringing women together – it might be just what you need once the Covid-19 crisis is over

Events round-up
We report on how TG members celebrated International Women's Day

Caring for carers

Ideas for how to keep unpaid carers on the agenda once life gets back to normal

War stories
Our pick of books to read featuring women and children in World War II to mark 75 years since the conflict's end

Three beautiful bouquets

TG Magazine prize draw terms and conditions.docx

To become a member and receive 'Townswoman', find your local guild by clicking here.

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