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Are you daunted by the possibility of self isolation? 

Why not look at it as a positive opportunity?  

The basic rule is to have a structure to your day. Unless you are ill don’t spend all day in bed. Don’t spend all day in your pyjamas. Set yourself a routine, eat at regular times, move around a bit, vary activities and don’t spend all day watching TV. If you are working from home keep to office hours, which means start and stop work at your normal time. It's also a good idea to give yourself a normal lunch break - and get some fresh air. Build in keeping-in-touch time, but don’t use it simply to moan! Remember that if you are interested in the wider world you will be interesting to others.

See our information sheet here or check out some of the ideas below.   

For the body

From the NHS - a range of exercises www.nhs.uk/conditions/nhs-fitness-studio/

10 minute exercise routine for those whose body is less agile (can be done sitting down) www.10today.co.uk

Silver Swans ballet classes have been growing in popularity all around the country Specially for older people - even absolute beginners - they are now going online. https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/rad-at-home/.

Now may be the time to explore yoga - there are lots of websites available but this seems to cover basics  https://www.yogabasics.com/explore/

For those who want to mountaineer at home there is the stair climb challenge set up by NHS Scotland 

Sport England have now launched a brand-new campaign called 'Join the Movement'. The aim is to provide tips, guidance and advice on how to stay active whilst staying in as well as going outside:  Sport England Join the Movement

Brain games

For all types of free Sudoku puzzles either online or downloadable visit  https://krazydad.com 

Scrabble - google online scrabble and you'll find a large number of websites but beware that some may require payment per game or by subscription

Other word puzzles including crosswords are available free here: https://puzzles.independent.co.uk/category/word/   and  https://puzzles.standard.co.uk/category/word/    Note that there are many other sites if you google the type of puzzle you want.

Brain games https://www.brain-games.co.uk/
Performing arts

BBC 4 and the BBC iplayer have a range of concerts/ ballets/ operas available

National Theatre is making available one play each week during the lockdown visit https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/nt-at-home

Royal Opera House is doing something similar releasing ballets and operas alternately here  

Andrew Lloyd Webber is also releasing a filmed version of one of his shows each weekend here

Many orchestras have concerts to stream like the London Symphony Orchestra

Google your favourites and you are sure to find something  like this performance from Neil Diamond - with its topical change of words "Hands washing hands"

Join a virtual singing group such as this one lead by James Sills who appeared in our Winter 2019 magazine or why not set up your own group.

Prefer to sing alone? Just put on a favourite CD pick up a microphone and let rip.

Arts and Culture

https://www.bbc.co.uk/arts  has a well curated collection - 'Culture in Quarantine'

Crafting including cookery

Visit our pinterest page for our PSI boards for adults and children, or google your chosen topic to find ideas and classes.

Why not become an expert (or at least good enough to pass something on) and master something to teach at your Guild or share on Facebook

Make rainbows to show appreciation or visit knit for peace to find how you might put wool-craft skills to good use. 

Online cookery courses can be expensive but here is a video from Helena Dixson from Nexus to learn basics of cake making .

Meanwhile why not get a friend to video themselves using a different cooking technique.

We are not endorsing them as a brand but John Lewis have put together some stay at home ideas here

Eventbrite have put together a round-up of live online arts and crafts events Online Arts and Crafts events

The great outdoors

Not just for the kids… On a new single page on their website, The Wildlife Trusts have gathered together all their nature-related activities - from building a bird feeder to making beeswax wraps - along with links to wildlife webcams to help us all stay connected with nature. Here 

If you love looking at gardens google "virtual garden tours" like this one from Keukenhof in the Netherlands for your fix of spring flowers.

For gardening advice go to the best - the Royal Horticultural Society  the website offers over 900 advice sheets and plant information 

Learn something new

Futurelearn is a collaboration of Universities around the world brought together by the OU and are mostly free. Each short course suggests a time requirement but there are no exams or deadlines. Knowledge is checked through multiple choice tests but there is no one standing over you with a big stick. The courses cover a very wide range from forensic archaeology to creative writing, browse or search for a specific topic.

Ted talks and podcasts. TED talks are short talks on almost anything by a huge range of individuals including Rory Bremner talking politics. This is the ideal time to listen to something new.  Podcasts are a bit like short radio broadcasts - TG now has one (follow the link on the home page) as do many more like Womans Hour and Fortunately which is produced by WH presenter, Jane Garvey and link for the Listening Project, Fi Glover. BBC Sounds has an excellent collection.
Women's Historian, Jane Robinson (you may have seen her at 2019 IWD in Derby) has recorded a number of talks Bluestockings abut the fight for educational equality. Hearts and minds, about the suffragist great march, and Ladies can't climb ladders marking women's journey to join the professions.

The Virtual Village Hall brought to you by Royal Voluntary Service, brings you a programme of themed online activities designed to beat the boredom of isolation. Activities are led by expert tutors, Royal Voluntary Service activity coordinators and volunteers and are designed to do at home with very little space or equipment needed.  The programme includes baking and preserve making, gentle exercise and dance, arts and crafts and more to come. There are lots of activities to choose from so you can continue to enjoy the things that you like doing and learn something new too!  

Free downloads

We know that not all of you use or will want to use Amazon, so this one may not be for you. For those who do, they are currently making books, music and a range of other content available free of charge and it may be worth a look to see if anything on offer is of interest. Amazon are not the only company offering these services, of course. There are other reputable sites where you can access free ebooks and for audio, streaming services such as Spotify offer basic access free of charge (with the option to pay for additional features). 
A guide to the free books, video and more that you can access right now on Amazon

Enjoy a day out from your living room

Many art galleries and museums offer virtual tours like this selection from the National Portrait Gallery, or the Royal Academy of Arts or allow you to explore their archives like the V&A

Why not search for your favourite?

The National Trust  offers virtual tours of many properties - search the site (using the magnifying glass) for "virtual tours" and spend you day travelling from Giants Causeway to the fabulous embroidery collections of Hardwick Hall.

Or why not visit the heart of government here ?

**New - perhaps you dream of travelling? This is a new website set up by five women who are travel writers, which aims to take you to cities, beaches, mountains and more, from the comfort of your armchair. **