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Responses to TG letters

Following the 2019 AGM, and the adoption of our new mandate on motorists' health, we wrote to the DVLA to express our concerns and find out what their view of the situation is. You can read their response here:

DVLA Response

We also wrote to Rachel Maclean MP, who had tabled a Ten Minute Rule Bill prior to the AGM regarding drivers with dementia. As this connects to our mandate, we felt it appropriate to write and offer our support, and we received a lovely hand-written letter in response:

Rachel Maclean response

In the wake of these letters, we would encourage members to contact the DVLA with your thoughts on how they responded, and to contact Rachel to offer any support your Guild is able to - or if your Guild is local to her constituency of Redditch County, you could even invite her along to speak at your meeting.

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