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Chairman's at Home 2016

National Chairman Margaret Key spoke about Kelly Jones’s cycle ride, the 2016 carol services, the AGM and the TG memorial at the National Arboretum.

Jenny Thorne encouraged members to obtain tickets for the pre-AGM Concert and spoke about the upcoming Getting To Know You visit to Northern Ireland.

Sheila Baker talked about Townswoman, explaining that large print and audio versions of the magazine are too expensive to produce.

Jan Buck explained how RoadShows have raised TG’s profile – with the recent one in Reading advertised on buses in the town. Seven Guilds have opened in the past year, but more are needed.

Penny Ryan explained that falling membership and fewer ticket sales for national events meant income was down, with reserve funds used to cover national costs – in 2016, the deficit per member will be £6.99.
Fee increases were discussed, but new Guilds and more members are needed.

It was suggested that Guilds’ visitor fees should cost at least as much as a member’s to attend; and Guilds were reminded that money raised for charities should not be at the cost of their own funds.

Katie Bennett from Nexus, TG’s marketing agency, talked about a New Generation campaign on the website
to interest younger potential members, and using social media for publicity.

Jenny Rideout covered the 2016 mandates and follow-up action to previous mandates, and reminded us about the skittles final in April.

Janice Collins spoke about the Royal College of Nursing centenary banner, the beading competition
to be judged in May and the upcoming ‘yarnbombing’.

Connie Nunn encouraged members to bring potential members to national events and asked Guilds or Federations interested in twinning with another to contact her.

Maggie Chilton, Chesterfield & District Federation

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