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TG joins EVAW member forum on "The Human Rights Act and VAWG: Connecting the dots"

In July this year, TG was invited to take part in a member forum hosted by the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) in response to the Government proposal that the current Human Rights Act (HRA) be replaced by a Bill of Rights.

Member organisations of EVAW were among those concerned about what these changes might mean for the people who most depend on the Human Rights Act in its current form, including the women and girls who are currently able to make use of the existing Act to ensure that the cases they are victims and survivors of are dealt with properly.

The forum was a chance for attendees to get a better understanding of how the Human Rights Act relates to VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls), and particular areas of concern when it comes to the Bill of Rights. It also allowed discussion for a possible way forward, and how the issue might best be brought to the public who may find it difficult to understand what exactly is being changed given the typical language used in Bills and even in the explanatory notes. A further forum is being planned for the autumn; rest assured that we will keep you updated on any future developments.

As a national women's organisation with a focus both on education and on encouraging women to better educate themselves, TG feels it is important that we don't ignore such a significant change in the law and what this could mean for women and girls. You can learn more about the new Bill and its progress here and read more about EVAW's view on the situation here.

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