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EVAW speak out in response to Guardian headlines

Recently, the Guardian has been reporting on the various failings and weaknesses in how the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have been handling rape cases - and the campaigning group End Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAW) are urging as many people as possible to follow their lead and speak out against the injustices taking place.

On Sunday 23rd September, the Guardian reported that less than a third of young men prosecuted for rape are convicted, with 14% fewer aged 18-24 being convicted than those aged 25-59. EVAW's response can be found here.

On Monday 24th September, attention shifted to the prosecutors and how many are urged to drop so-called "weak" rape cases in order to improve conviction rates. You can read EVAW's response here.

On Tuesday 25th September, the focus was on the data demanded from rape victims by police and how this may deter victims from speaking up about what has happened to them. EVAW's response is here.

There are more stories to come, and TG will be watching closely - and we would encourage everyone reading this to do the same. But don't just read - if you are able to, please comment to these stories and add to the voices calling for better handling of rape cases throughout the UK. Contact your MPs and make sure they are aware of these stories - perhaps you could email them the links and ask them to share their thoughts. And, as always, remember to keep HQ posted about what you are doing.

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