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National Education Union response to TG correspondence

With the most recent news reports about asbestos in schools, and with schools back in session now, TG decided it would be an appropriate time to contact the National Education Union (NEU) and let them know about our mandate on asbestos in schools.

We received a prompt and detailed response from Kevin Courtney, who is the joint General Secretary for the NEU, which you can read here. The key points he raises in his response, and the items which we would encourage members to follow up on, are:

  • As we have previously shared with you, the family of Sarah Stoddart have posted a video on YouTube here in order to raise awareness of the harm that can be caused by exposure to asbestos.

  • Those of you who are on social media can follow the Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) on Twitter and Facebook

  • As and when the NEU shares updates with us, we will post updates here on the website and on social media which we would encourage members to share as widely as possible. Where possible, we will also share information in the magazine; however, with time and space restrictions this will not always be possible so we would ask for your help in sharing information with members who are not online.

  • TGHQ is currently investigating the Asbestos in Schools (AIS) Group and will also look to get in touch with Sarah Lyons, and we will keep you posted of any developments there.

Please also remember to keep checking the main campaign page - the Taking Action section was recently updated to include templates kindly provided by Lucie Stephens to help you write to MPs, local councillors and local schools about this issue - please do help us to build this campaign's momentum so we can ensure that students and staff in all schools and educational establishments throughout the UK are as protected as possible from the deadly risks posed by asbestos exposure.

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