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**Film Competition**

Edie –  a new film starring Sheila Hancock will strike a chord with many of us.

Sheila plays the part of a woman in her 80’s who has spent the last 30 years caring for her sick husband. Sorting out her home after his death she is reminded of her youthful dreams and sets out to fulfil one of them. Set against the wonderful scenery of the Scottish Highlands and with the music of Debbie Wiseman (think Wolf Hall) and with a believable plot, the film explores the two main themes:

- It’s never too late to fulfil a dream
- Not giving up but finding a way around all obstacles

The film is released to Cinemas on 25th May 2018 and to mark this we would like to hear from you about any dream you have yet to fulfil and what obstacles you would have to overcome in the process. Email us your thoughts at contact@the-tg.com, the most interesting letter we receive will win a poster and CD soundtrack.

This competition is open to all women over the age of 16. The closing date is 30th June and the winners will be notified by 31st July 2018.


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