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As announced in the February mailing issued to all Guild and Federation Primary Contacts, as well as to Associate Members, the Trustees have chosen two mandate proposals to be discussed at this year's AGM in Bournemouth on 28th June. The two proposals are:

TG firmly believes that next of kin should not have the right to prevent doctors from taking any parts from the body that a registered donor has consented to donate,

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TG applauds the passing of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and urges local authorities, law enforcement agencies, immigration officers and all others involved in tackling human trafficking and modern slavery to cooperate and ensure this legislation is upheld.

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The two mandates were debated and voted on by members attending the AGM in Glasgow on 10th June.

The mandate proposals were as follows:

TG is in full support of any initiative to enable those with severe mental and physical disabilities to live in places, close to their families, where they can be properly looked after with assured long term continuity of care.

Result of the vote: carried unanimously

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TG urges HM Government to amend existing legislation, with reference to Advertising to Gamble in the Gambling Act 2005, so as to ban public advertising which encourages the practice of gambling, in the same way that advertising the use of tobacco is banned.

Result of the vote: carried unanimously

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TG HeadQuarters sends a copy of each Mandate that has been carried at the AGM, together with covering correspondence requesting that action be taken, to any individual, organisation or Government department that has power or influence to help to implement that Resolution.

Guilds and Federations should always formulate their own follow-up work on a local and/or national basis. TG HeadQuarters keeps records of all developments and will help Guilds and Federations* who are strongly recommended and encouraged to press for action to be taken, by keeping them up to date on progress. Later in the year Guilds and Federations may be asked to fill in a questionnaire giving details of the follow-up work they have undertaken, together with an assessment of any progress made towards the implementation of the mandate.

* see ‘Campaign Tips’ on pages 10 – 11 of the PA Booklet issued in 2011.

A copy of the PA Booklet, updated to include the 2015 mandates, is available to view/download in the Members’ Area.

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Joanne Egan
Posted: Thursday, 16 Apr 2015 03:30
Dear Margaret, The NEC has and always will endeavour to provide Speakers For and Against the mandates but on the day it is difficult to control what a Speaker says and how they say it. If you are referring to the mandate proposed at the 2013 AGM, this was an update on a previous Resolution passed in 1997 when “TG in Council assembled urges the UK Government to legalise voluntary euthanasia”. As a consequence of this updating and the wording of the 2013 Mandate the NEC considered it appropriate that only one speaker was necessary who would inform members of the current legal situation regarding assisted dying. Therefore the intention was that there was to be neither a speaker For the Mandate nor a speaker Against the mandate. Unfortunately the words used by the Speaker did come across as if she was in support of the Mandate. This was extremely unfortunate but was NOT what was intended by the NEC. They are fully aware of the unease that this created amongst the membership but I must stress that it was NEVER the intention. Kind regards, David Brotherton, Office Manager.
Margaret Butler
Posted: Saturday, 11 Apr 2015 09:32
The two mandate proposals for 2015 are to be commended, and any vote, will, I'm sure,be in favor of the motions. However, in order for there to be a "proper" debate, will the TG Management Committee be providing Speakers who are "for" and "against" the motions at the AGM? The lack of "balanced" argument in previous years mandates has been disappointing.
Joanne Egan
Posted: Friday, 6 Mar 2015 03:10
Hi Barbara, I have sent you an email regarding the Public Affairs booklet, kind regards, Jo
Barbara Chisholm
Posted: Friday, 6 Mar 2015 12:05
I have attempted to look at the TG Document Store to see if there is a more up to date Public Affairs booklet by clicking on the link below but a page comes up saying access denied because I do not have the credentials. I am logged in - what other credentials do I need?
Barbara Chisholm
Posted: Friday, 6 Mar 2015 11:59
I have now seen the Public Affairs booklet held by my Guild (Verwood Afternoon) but note that it is a copy that was produced in 2002. Has it been updated since then?
Valerie Barker
Posted: Tuesday, 3 Mar 2015 12:30
Thank you. The above is all now sorted and I have to admit that I had made the mistake of not fully reading my Public Affairs Booklet which answers the questions raised. Put it all down to a "senior moment"!! I look forward to hearing the debate at the National AGM.
Valerie Barker
Posted: Saturday, 28 Feb 2015 10:08
As one of the Guilds within my Federation have worked very hard to put together all information required for the submission of a mandate at the forthcoming AGM we are very disappointed at the information that is available to us regarding various queries that we have relating to the presentation of the mandate i.e. seconding, time allowed for presentation etc. Could I respectfully request that an information pack be produced and circulated from HQ to any Guild expressing an interest in putting forward a mandate proposal. Many thanks for your assistance - Val Barker - Dorset Federation Chairman
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