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You are here: > What's Going On? > The 2021 Mandate Debates

 Join us to view the recorded debate on the 2021 mandates. The Meeting was held  in this order :

  • Debate 1: TG calls for a framework of legally enforceable rights and responsibilities for cyclists using roads and share pedestrian areas, making them (and/or legal guardians, for minors) accountable for their behaviour
  • Update on the climate change campaign presented by Trustee Maureen Brown
  • Debate 2 : TG is concerned that the decline in the number of free-to-access public toilets is a threat to citizens' hygiene, health, mobility, dignity and equality. We therefore urge Her Majesty's Government to make adequate provision of free public toilets a legal requirement for local authorities, supported by protected, sustained funding.
  • Update on other TG campaigns

To access this recording, which is shorter than the face book version, please use this link  Recording

Voting will take place through Guilds, to whom voting papers will be sent in July so do let your Guild Officers know what you think.

(Associate members will also be sent papers for their voting college)