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Why not try something new? It can be hard for Guilds to find a craft demonstrator for their craft groups, so TG has decided to make craft videos available to you here on the website.

Iris Fold Card

It is made using TG colours and is perfect for using up small pieces of paper, card, ribbon and fabric. An iris folded card has an aperture filled with layers of paper strips placed in a spiral so that it ends up looking like an old-fashioned camera shutter.

Dog Bowtie Crochet 

TG member, Karen Moore, takes you through the steps to create a bowtie for your four legged friend! 

Basic Granny Square Crochet

TG member, Karen Moore, takes you through the steps to create the basic granny square. 

Star from recycled Christmas cards

If you would like to make a craft video to share, or there’s a video you would like to see, get in touch with TGHQ.