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Welcome to Townswomen's Guilds

Townswomen’s Guilds is a women’s organisation which aims to make a difference to women’s lives by offering them fun, friendship, opportunities to find things out and be part of a force for change. Members meet regularly in groups called Guilds, less formal Townswomen’s Associate Groups and online in Townswomen’s Internet Groups. Come along and see what we have to offer you.

We asked our members what they thought about tg...

"Friends are the family you choose for yourself - so TG is an extension of my own family. We know we are there for one another through good times and bad."
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Find out whats going on...

There is always loads of great stuff going on at TG both nationally or at your local guild...here are a few highlights

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What are we fighting for?

We have always fought for womens rights, click to go to our Capaign Hub or jump to one of our current campaigns.

Women's Aid and Facebook collaborate to keep women safe online
EVAW speak out in response to Guardian headlines Appalling statistics show weaknesses in the CPS when handling rape cases
"Bystanders must be supported to take action when they fear domestic abuse" EVAW signs joint statement calling for people to take action if they think someone's safety is at risk
TG joins EVAW member forum on "The Human Rights Act and VAWG: Connecting the dots" EVAW coalition brought together member organisations to discuss concerns arising from the introduction of the Bill of Rights Bill