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Make friends by starting a social group in your area

Since 1929 many women across the country have enjoyed the invaluable benefits of TG membership. They've experienced new things, visited different places, taken on incredible challenges, fought for women's rights and most importantly developed lasting friendships.

We want every woman to have the opportunity of belonging to a Guild, even if there isn’t one in their area or one which meets at a suitable time for them.

One way to get a Guild to suit you is to set one up. You might be an existing member or are new to TG. You might want to set one up near to you or on line.

You don't have to have business knowledge, management experience or be a natural born leader, you just have to care, the rest will come naturally.

To discuss starting a guild call 0121 326 0400 or phone Sara 0121 326 1973 or email Sara@the-TG.com

View our recruitment booklet here:

A4 Recruitment Booklet.pdf

A5 Recruitment Booklet.pdf


To discuss starting a guild call 0121 326 0400 and ask to speak to Sara Trayers, National Recruitment Officer
  Do the possible - start a guild in the best membership organisation in the UK

If you've made your mind up and you want to start a Guild - FANTASTIC! Please click below and we will get someone to give you a call.

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