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Four Week Forum

Townswomen's Guilds offers members a forum to discuss topical matters, chat and interact with other members. 

Townswomen's Guild are pleased to offer a new part of the forum, called Four Week Forum. Four Week Forum is a new feature that brings a new topic, every 4 weeks, to encourage member interaction and discussion. You can find the list of Four Week Forum topics below.

Four Week Forum - Midsummer 

Welcome to the first Four Week Forum. We have decided to launch the Four Week Forum to coincide with the Midsummer Tea Party. Are you joining us? We do hope so! Join us, here.

Four Week Forum - Friendship

 July's Four Week Forum focuses on friendship. We'd love to hear your friendship stories, especially any special friendships made through TG. Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - HRH Princess Anne

August's Four Week Forum is all about our Patron, HRH Princess Anne. It's her birthday on 15th August, too! Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - Harvest

We will be having a TG online Harvest Supper Thursday 24th September 7pm. We are looking for stories, picture, photos, poems, songs and any contributions that members would like to come along to share. Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - Hats

It's getting to that time of year when you need to get your winter hats out. What do you prefer? Knitted woolen with a pom-pom, a felt cloche of fedora, a fake fur, a fleece with ear flaps or no hat but a hood coat hood. And this year you need to decided how to juggle wearing a hat and a mask! Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - Family Stories 

Do you have family stories which still make you smile? One of mine is 'Aunty Ivy and the Pickled Onion' and I have written this, plus others, such as 'Dad's Crystal Palace Disgrace' in a notebook so that they are not forgotten. Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - Trees are your best antiques

And like all antiques, they need to be looked after. These tree surgeons working on the trees in our road this week certainly earn their money. My newest tree won't need that sort of care just yet. It is a 2 year old baby spruce sapling and just 8inches tall. I bought it in response to the calls from the Woodland Trust, Countryfile and my local authority to help the climate by planting trees. Is anyone else making their own arboretum? Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - Climate Change

As part of the TG Climate Action campaign, we are supporting #showthelove to raise awareness of climate change. They have information about how you can join in during February by decorating your windows with green hearts and displaying one of their posters which you can download. Join the conversation, here

Four Week Forum - Women's History Month

As you will have seen in the latest newsletter, Townswomen are 'Writing Women into History' during International Women's Day week. Join the conversation, here