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Campaigns and Mandates

Townswomen's Guilds has a long and proud history of campaigning on important issues. Below you will find our current most prominent campaigns, mandated at our AGMs. Please get involved – leave us your opinion, tell us whether you agree or disagree with the issues and what, if anything, you are doing to help progress the issues at hand. Please share your thoughts and experiences – this is your TG.

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Latest Updates

Proposed Mandate 2019: Driving and Health campaign picture

Proposed Mandate 2019: Driving and Health

TG is set to debate whether those in the medical profession and other relevant agencies should be expected to do more to report drivers whose health may impact their ability to drive safely

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Asbestos in Schools campaign picture

Asbestos in Schools

"TG urges HM Government, Local Authorities, and those responsible in law for the maintenance of educational facilities to ensure that every establishment that contains asbestos must produce an annual report for staff, pupils and their families. This report must explain how asbestos can affect health, where asbestos is present and how it is being monitored and maintained."

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Violence against Women and Girls campaign picture

Violence against Women and Girls

TG frequently revisits the issues surrounding all aspects of violence against women and girls, including but not limited to domestic abuse

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