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Proposed topic for 2017: British Summer Time, yay or nay?

One of the proposed topics for discussion at the 2017 AGM in Sheffield and one chosen moreso for the room for debate than as a specific call for action. As such, the wording reads:

Should the changing of the clocks between Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time be abolished?

While there is no specific campaign specified through the wording, the outcome of the debate will allow TG to make informed input should the topic arise in the news at a future occasion.

Note: The wording sent out in the February Mailing for this topic is slightly different, omitting the "between Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time" clause; the wording above is the correct one that we will be using on the day of the AGM and in the magazine.

This topic was voted on at the AGM and it was determined that the current system of switching between GMT and BST should be retained.

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