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Fracking Regulation

One of the proposed topics for discussion at the 2017 AGM in Sheffield, this potential campaign reads as follows:

TG urges HM Government to enforce tight regulation and control on those involved in the fracking industry, ensuring adherence, to avoid detrimental impacts upon people's health and well being and the environment

If passed, this would enable TG to campaign based upon this wording, in a bid to make sure that fracking companies cannot avoid responsibility for what their actions cause.

Please note: This wording is slightly different to the one issued in the February mailing, due to feedback from the proposing Guild which was received after the mailing was distributed. We apologise for any confusion caused.

This topic was voted on at the AGM and passed by a strong majority.

Taking Action

Since the AGM, TG has written to various Government party leaders and ministers, several All-Party groups and companies involved with onshore oil and gas. As we receive responses, we will keep you updated with those that contain useful or relevant information.

In the meantime, we would urge members to contact their local authority and find out which department or departments hold responsibility where it comes to energy supply and to considering proposed applications to proceed with fracking. We would also suggest looking to see if there are any local campaign groups related to fracking who would be able to help in finding the right people to contact and lobby in relation to the mandate.

TG letter and responses
Letter from TG
This is the basic outline of what was sent out to advise various parties of TG's interest in fracking. Details were added and amended to allow each letter to be relevant to the person it was being sent to; you may wish to follow a similar outline for your own letters but tweaked to reflect a Guild/individual stance rather than the national as we have done.

Response from Oil and Gas Authority

Response from Egdon Resources

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