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Assisted Dying

Assisted Dying

Twitter Hashtag: #assisteddying

Townswomen’s Guilds supports a change in the law to allow for terminally ill, mentally competent people to have a right to an assisted death.

In 2013, delegates at the AGM voted to adopt the above mandate. TG appreciates that there are many members who remain vehemently opposed to a change in the law and we respect their rights to do so; however, as a national organisation we are committed to supporting a change that could allow terminally ill patients a measure of control they do not currently have.

While Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill was rejected by MPs in September 2015, campaigners have not given up their hopes that some day, people will be allowed the option to choose how and when they die, without having to travel overseas to accomplish their wishes.


Dignity in Dying

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