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Picture: Maria Oswalt

TG is an organisation which owes its very existence to the women decades ago who spoke out against inequality - we would not have the freedom to vote and to consider matters of social injustice were it not for their efforts. And to this day, gender-based inequality is something we strive to call out where we see it.  

But we are also an organisation which welcomes women regardless of race and so we cannot ignore the growing need for action to ensure that black women and their families are able to live their lives without suffering just because of the colour of their skin.  

June 2020 has been a turning point in the Black Lives Matter movement. While it was the murder of George Floyd in the US which sparked the outcry, it has prompted us all to examine our own countries and how racism is embedded into the way society works. And while it would be easy to let the issue fade away now it’s slipping away from the headlines, it would not be the right thing to do.  

Please note that we are not advocating that members join the Political Movement but that they support the sentiment underlying it.

We appreciate, of course, that for individual members it may be difficult to navigate the sheer volume of information and news that has cropped up in the wake of what has happened. We also know that mistakes can be made even where intentions are good. This is why we have taken some time to collate useful information, so that you can educate yourself and understand why all of this is happening and why we need to step up and use the T
 G platform to support the cause. 

Follow these links to find out more:

Before we begin

Time for self-education

Time for action

Just remember
You may find information which directly challenges your past behaviour. This may not be easy to face, and you may need to take some time for self-reflection, to make peace with the mistakes you have made and to think about how you can do better. Being wrong and making mistakes aren’t bad - provided that you take the opportunity to learn and to grow.  

Simply living through these times can be exhausting - it’s okay to take a break, to step away and not think about things for a little while. What is important is that you come back to them once you’ve had time to take that breath, that you continue to support the cause even once the news agenda tries to draw a line under it.  

TG is here to improve the lives of all women. Right now, that means giving our support and our attention to the black and minority ethnic women who can no longer stay silent and simply accept their oppression.  

“It is not enough to be not racist, you must actively be anti racist” - Angela Davis, American activist.