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Archived Campaigns

Fracking Regulation campaign picture

Fracking Regulation

TG to discuss the growing industry of Fracking and how it is regulated

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Organ Donation campaign picture

Organ Donation

TG firmly believes that next of kin should not have the right to prevent doctors from taking any parts from the body that a registered donor has consented to donate and urges HM Government and the medical sector to ensure the wishes of organ donors are upheld upon their death.

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Assisted Dying campaign picture

Assisted Dying

Townswomen’s Guilds supports a change in the law to allow for terminally ill, mentally competent people to have a right to an assisted death.

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Disability Care campaign picture

Mandated campaign 2015
Disability Care

TG is in full support of any initiative to enable those with severe mental and physical disabilities to live in places, close to their families, where they can be properly looked after with assured long term continuity of care.

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Stop Laxative Abuse campaign picture

Stop Laxative Abuse

Voicing concerns over the abuse of laxatives for weight loss purposes

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Women in Parliament campaign picture

Women in Parliament

TG speaks on representation within Government, nationally and locally

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Proposed topic for 2017: British Summer Time, yay or nay? campaign picture

Proposed topic for 2017: British Summer Time, yay or nay?

TG seeks to debate whether the twice-yearly clock-change is still necessary now

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Keep Me Posted campaign picture

Keep Me Posted

Fighting for the consumer's right to receive paper copies of bills and statements without penalty

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