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Talking Townswomen Podcast

Talking Townswomen Podcast

Talking Townswomen, the brand new podcast brought to you by Townswomen's Guilds.

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Alternatively, you can listen right here - simply press play on an episode below.

Talking Townswomen · Episode 1 - Christmas

Talking Townswomen · Episode 2 - Looking ahead at 2020

Talking Townswomen · Episode 3 - What's On?

Talking Townswomen · Episode 4 - Spring Time

Talking Townswomen · Episode 5 - Positive Self Isolation

Talking Townswomen · Episode 6 - Exciting Membership News

Talking Townswomen · Episode 7 - Travel

Talking Townswomen · Episode 8 - What's in your attic?

Talking Townswomen · Episode 9 - Fun & Laughter

Talking Townswomen · Podcast 10 - University Life, Past and Present

Talking Townswomen · Episode 11 - Looking back at 2020


We'd love for you to get involved with the podcast conversation, share your thoughts & send in your suggestions and comments.
You can do so, via our Talking Townswomen Podcast Facebook page.

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