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North Kent Federation

More Information

North Kent Federation covers the very interesting area of South East London and North Kent, covering historical Greenwich, Blackheath, Eltham Palace and so into Kent with Bexleyheath, with our northern limit the river Thames.

We have a Federation choir which has members from several of the Guilds. They have won many awards and have sung and won in events organised by Headquarters. They rehearse weekly in the grand Charlton House.

Eltham Park have their own choir, 'The Golden Girls' who regularly entertain at various lunch and church clubs, and Blackheath Afternoon also have a small choir.

The Federation arranges a busy programme of outings, lunches and quizzes, and every other year has an exhibition of members work, covering Floral Art, Arts and Crafts, home craft and Photography.

A warm welcome awaits anyone who comes to any of the Guilds' meetings. The days, times and places are listed below.

Guilds of the North Kent Federation.

Bexleyheath Morning - 1st Tuesday at 10am. Central Library, Townley Rd. Bexleyheath.

Blackheath Afternoon - 2nd Tuesday at 2pm. Boys Brigade Hall, Reynolds Place, Blackheath.

Eltham Park Afternoon - 2nd Monday at 2pm. Methodist Church Hall, Westmount Rd. Eltham.

Lee Evening. - 3rd Tuesday at 8pm. St.Peters Church, Weigal Road, Lee.

Welling Evening - 1st Friday at 7.30pm. Welling Salvation Army Hall, 124 Welling High St. Welling

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