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Croydon Federation

More Information

Croydon Federation lies in South London. In our heyday we had 35 member Guilds but dropped down to 5:
Monks Orchard

We are now delighted to welcome a sixth - the new Croydon Afternoon Guild

Guilds pay a very small annual fee to belong to the Federation and we actively welcome Guilds in South London who are not currently linked to a Federation. We run at least one holiday each year and aim to have 2 or 3 events to which all Townswomen are welcome.

Contact Details

For information about any of our events or to work more closely with us please contact 

Penny Ryan 0208 767 6671 penny.ryan@btinternet.com

Event Reports

Holiday to Littlecote


Earlsfield Guild

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Holiday to Littlecote


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